dummy-imageConcussion Evaluation
A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury. It occurs when the brain collides with the skull as the result of the head experiencing a direct or indirect force. It can occur when two people collide, when a person falls to the ground, or when somebody is hit with a piece of equipment. Research suggests that rehabilitation is an effective way to address the potentially life-altering consequences of a concussion.

At our practice, dual credentialed physical therapists/athletic trainers perform concussion evaluations and treatments. This includes a thorough assessment of the whole patient, with special consideration given to aerobic exercise tolerance, whiplash-like cervical spine dysfunction, and vision and/or balance disturbances. Although computerized testing (such as ImPact) is often used to track the changes brought about by a concussion, it is not necessary for treatment at our practice.

Concussion Treatment
Once a physician clears a patient to participate in concussion rehabilitation, treatment is designed for each patient. Treatment often includes elements of closely monitored aerobic exercise, manual therapy and therapeutic exercises to address spinal dysfunction, visuomotor retraining and balance retraining. As patients progress, rehabilitation programs are fine-tuned to meet the demands of returning to full functioning in daily life and sport.