Mark Holterhoff

MARK HOLTERHOFF, MA, PT - PHYSICAL THERAPIST EMERITUS – Mark was born and raised in Wayne and his community ties run deep. Mark graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy and went on to New York University where he earned his Masters Degree in Physical Therapy.  He continues to be affiliated with New York University as a senior therapist at the prestigious Rusk Institute. Previously Mark was the Director of Rehabilitation Services at Chilton Memorial Hospital and was instrumental in developing the progressive, evidence-based Cardiac Rehab and Sports Medicine Programs.  In 1988, Mark established Physical Therapy Associates of Wayne to serve the community in which he grew up and continues to live. Over the last 29 years PTAW has been a keystone in the community has helped rehabilitate generations of families in Wayne.

In March 2017, Mark sold PTAW to his long-time student, colleague and friend Mike Marolla, who has worked side-by-side with Mark for the last 17 years. Mark, althought retired, will remain a valued Physical Therapist Emeritus with Performance Physical Therapy & Sports Conditioning, although he will finally have more time to enjoy his grandchildren and fishing!