Sports Conditioning and Wellness

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Our strength, conditioning, and agility programs are designed to prepare the recreational, competitive or elite athlete for the mental and physical demands of sport. All programs are sport and age specific, and designed to enhance performance by increasing strength, power, speed and agility. We use the newest research-proven techniques and the Functional Movement Screen™ to achieve these desired outcomes. Programs are available for individuals, small groups, large groups, teams and camp sessions.


We believe in the continuum of care. Performance Wellness enables our patients to continue to enhance their healthy lifestyles under the guidance of our experts. Whether trying to lose weight, or simply wanting to maintain the gains achieved in physical therapy, Performance Wellness can transition you to the next level.

Functional Movement Screen™
Every athlete or patient of the Sports Conditioning or Performance Wellness program will receive a complimentary Functional Movement Screen™(FMS). The FMS is an objective screening tool used to identify limitations or asymmetries in movement patterns. By identifying areas that may need further attention, we can improve movement quality and potentially reduce the risk of future injury. This information is then used to help develop a sports conditioning program that meets an individual’s needs. The FMS is commonly used by professional athletic associations, such as the National Football league (NFL) , National Hockey League (NHL), and elite NCAA Division I sports programs.